The Web of Sense


Webstructor Net may be used the same way as World Wide Web. At the same time, it has nothing to do with hypertext. It handles concepts (Things) instead of HTML pages. In this sense, you can think about Visual Mind Applet or Visual Mind Application as about web browser.

Naturally, Things are not something to be browsed. Rather, Things are underlying concepts that are used to ground the visual world. In its turn, visual world itself is build with Views (like web pages) projecting internal mental world into Nodes (like hyperlinks or images or paragraphs of text) representing Things projected into certain mental view.

Put it in other way, Webstructor Net brings you one step further from the web of cross-linked texts to the semantic net of cross-related concepts.

Moreover, Webstructor Worlds are not static (as conventional web sites) but they are dynamic. You can change any World accordingly to your knowledge and your desire to contribute to the whole Net.


(C) Copyright 1988-1998,2001 Anton Kolonin